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9:39pm 02-21-2016

The show was terrific !.I, my friends and a number of folks sitting around us, felt you all were the headliners, by far.. Great testimony to the effort, style, performances and pleasing the audience focus of the group..Never better !

Special kudos and thanks to you, for the dynamic performance of " Doo Wop Lullabies". You made me proud, cuz....

Please let Maureen know I'll be contacting Fr. Bourke to have him say A Mass for her..She'll be in our prayers, too. Remind her "Cash Is King". She'll know what I mean...........All the best..............Tommy
7:06pm 02-17-2016
What do we need to do to get you guys out to the west coast?
5:47pm 12-13-2015
don & marian L
Hi Lola
Thank again and definately will see you and your husband and group on Feb 20 and I am thrilled Marvin plans to have you in 2016. We will tell him at tomorrows entertainment meeting that we talked.
Thanks again, Don and Marian L
5:44pm 12-13-2015
don & marian L
Hi Lola
I am Don L from Clearwater, and we will definately attend and thanks for e-mailing me. My wife Marian is on the board of directors of the entertainment committee and we have told Marvin several times how much we enjoyed your previous shows and hope he books you in the near futures as we are BIG doo-wop fans originally from Philly and my wife was on BANDSTAND a couple times and even was interviewed by Dick Clark around 1963 or 1964 or 1965 (can't remember for sure) and hope to see you soon.
Best wishes, Don and Marian L
11:05am 12-12-2015
carolyn s.
Carolyn S
Received the photo today.....thank you soooooo much........
8:57am 09-21-2015
Hi Howie,
We are working on a few venue's on the east coast of Florida. You will get email to events.
Hope to see you soon.
Thank you.
12:02pm 09-20-2015
Howard Isserles
Fantastic Voices singing in Harmony Thank you for keeping the music alive
When will you be appearing next in or near the Delray Beach area?
8:19pm 06-18-2015
A long time friend of mine posted this on face book and I want to share this with my friends.
Sometimes it feels good to express from the heart and Dean certainly did.
My heart was touched like you wouldn't believe. Thank you Dino. Much love. xo
8:13pm 06-18-2015
At certain times in your life, many different things and people inspire you. In the late 70's and early 80's, I was on the road with a band.
The singer in this band was a cross between Pat Benatar, Ann Wilson and Janice Joplin; she was a total pro. She showed me the
value of being a musician and how to play for the music instead of just playing for myself. Throughout my musical career, the most
reoccurring compliment I received was how musically I played. Lola Buto-Foy is the person who has inspired me to be a better player
and a valued member of the musical community. And for that, I want to thank you and so does every other musician that's ever played
with me. Much love! Dean
4:36pm 06-16-2015
Tim Fevola
Lola, Tom...
Hope you are all doing well, and trying to stay in touch. As always, I love listening to you guys. Stay healthy, and keep the music alive.
By the way, how, and where is Rosemarie.
God bless,
11:50am 06-11-2015
Irene Bobrowsky
I'm the chairperson of the Entertainment Committee at my community in Boynton Beach. Would love to book you for a DooWop Show or a Sock Hop for next year. Can you email me rates please. First, for a 90 min. DooWop Show and secondly for a 3 hr. Sock Hop Dance Party.
More importantly, checking that you would come over to Boynton Beach. Friends on the West Coast saw you perform somewhere and recommended your group to me, as they know I am always looking for new entertainment. Our community is a middle class 55+ residential community and we do open our events to the public.
Thank you.
Irene Bobrowsky Email:
4:29pm 05-06-2015
Lola Foy
Hi Johnny,
We have received soooo many phone calls, emails, guest book entries, etc. but this letter hit my heart and soul.
Thank you Johnny for taking the time out to write this letter. I will cherish it always. Your friend Lola.
4:28pm 05-06-2015
Johnny Chambers

This phenomenal group are the real thing. Lola is the lead singer and better known to all her fans as the "Queen of Doo-Wop"
Lola's husband Tom, is a literal genius when it comes to formulating and compiling all the music and backgrounds necessary
for this group to perform in perfect harmony. His vocals along with Lola, Jim, Tony & Jerry, close out a combined talent that goes unequaled in creating personal emotions in their fans. Their renditions of the "Doo-Wop" era of the 40s through the 60s are candy to my ears that travel straight to my very soul! Every time I see them perform I thank God for their desire to keep this wonderful era of Doo-Wop Oldies alive. I cannot but reminisce what a God-Given Blessing it would have been, in my earlier years to have had the opportunity to sing and perform with this group!
Like a fine wine, Lola and the Saints only grow sweeter with time. I will enjoy and cherish this group until my precious Lord calls me home.

Johnny Chambers
2:48pm 04-06-2015
Good Morning Lola. I want to thank you so very much for that beautiful picture and CD that you sent me,
that so very kind of you to take the time to do that. I'm going to send my husband to the store today to get
a frame and put it in my "Tea Room" by the front door so all my friends can see it as soon as they come in to the house.
Thank you again. Kathy
7:43pm 03-16-2015
Gloria & Kenny
Geez...we had such a great afternoon yesterday. May 16 will be five years since the group sang at our wedding.! You know how I love the music, I can say that you are the best of 'em all! And with a live band behind you, it's just SO great. Easily worth the drive from Orlando...we gotta see you again soon. Kenny & Gloria
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