8:49pm 10-24-2022
Harry Swetland
Love your sound. Have you ever preformed at a club in Bayshore L.I. called Sundance.
2:59pm 01-29-2022
John Druzbick
Been along time. Would love to see you guys! John Druzbick
10:36pm 04-09-2020
Danny Loria
Hey guys. Just listened to Blame my Heart. Very pretty arrangement. Glad to see you guys still rocking and rolling. Long time comrades and friends. You were always a favorite of mine and my fathers. Hope all is well. Danny Loria
10:43am 03-07-2019
Great group and great song. To Be Loved Forever
10:41am 03-07-2019
Jim Mig
jim mig
the 'SIXTEENS' would be proud of this attempt at their classic!
A Casual Look
10:39am 03-07-2019
Linda J Gaeta
Linda J Gaeta
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh­h! magnificent!
The Secret
10:36am 03-07-2019
Antonia Matheus
Antonia Matheus
Luv Lola and the Saints. Seen them perform in Florida a couple of years ago
10:34am 03-07-2019
Their singing is sublime! Soft Shadows
4:15pm 03-03-2019
Jon Windholz
Your group sounds great. I especially like the songs by the Students. My Vow and I'm so Young. Hope to see you one day on PBS .
11:35am 12-24-2018
Lola Foy
THANK YOU ALL FOR THE WONDERFUL MESSAGES. Sorry for not following up sooner.
Charles Adams, yes we have a few cd's on our merchandise page. As far as of these days we will get that going.
Thank you all again.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope your Holiday's are full with health and happiness.
Lola and Tom
6:05pm 09-19-2018
Charles Adams
To all you guys
I watch your videos on YouTube all the time...I love all the groups voices....I live in Richmond, Va and if you ever perform close to here please notify me if possible...Do you have DVDs on the market.
3:57pm 08-04-2018
Robert Mirra
Hi Lola Robert Mirra of The Danleers was just cheking out your great site out and thought I'd say hello. Keep the music playing
6:49pm 02-02-2018
a long time ago, the Great & Wonderful Malcolm raved to me about Lola & the Saints, to which I replied, "yeah, OK", and left it at that. just about a year ago, as fate would have it, I was introduced to Tony and later met Lola and Jerry online through GoodTimeOldies, where I am privileged to do a show on Tuesday nights. no show would be complete without including a Saints song. in all my years in the music business and on the road with the cream of vocal group harmony, to say LOLA & THE SAINTS BLOW ME AWAY EVERY SINGLE TIME would be an understatement! I only regret what I've been missing by not having discovered these magnificent voices sooner! love and peace, and keep the music coming!
8:40am 07-14-2017
first song I ever heard by Lola & The Saint's, Acappella, That's all I needed to get hooked on them. Great harmony.
10:40am 04-09-2017
This is sensational, the harmonies are spot on, I must admit acapella at its best. Never heard of you guys beforebut I gurantee you I am without a doubt impressed you have my úndivided Attention.
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